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Abbi Lambert


I am an empathetic, empowering and relatable coach. In your grief, be it loss or anticipated loss, I offer you an opportunity to be heard and, equally important, to be seen.

I offer support, honor your undeniable sadness, and acknowledge your sense of unknowing. Having personally gone through my own losses, I recognize the challenges that come with change, and the internal struggle between the desire for a sense of freedom and the sadness, anger and/or guilt that can stand in the way. I know from experience that this struggle doesn’t go away, but that it can be managed and incorporated into our new lives. For me, it’s about you and your life, and I walk with you at your pace in your time.  

My goal is to reignite your inner light, to support you in rewriting your story and your own desire to take action for change. In life we are all given different challenges and we do our best with the tools we are given. It is my goal to empower you to see your gifts and bring you into the light. You deserve nothing less!!!

Abbi Lambert earned her MSW from New York University. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Grief Coach. Abbi also has a Certificate in Couples Therapy and continues to study as a Clinical Trauma Professional. She is certified in Reiki I & II and studied Source Point Healing therapy. She completed the Landmark Forum as well as the Advanced Course. She has done several other courses of study over the years and continues this process, all as part of her commitment to personal development and for the benefit of her family, her friends, and her clients.

Abbi's greatest passion is to empower others to embrace themselves and use their unique gifts to move forward in their lives. Abbi life's work and commitment has always been to support individuals to find their voice in the world. Her biggest gift is her ability to see the light in others. Abbi creates a sacred space for individuals to rebuild their own self confidence and self love and reestablish the life they want.  


Many of Abbi's clients have suffered tremendous loss, and Abbi additionally brings her own life experience from the loss she has personally suffered. This allows her to bring herself beyond her studies to the discussion in a much deeper way.  As your coach, Abbi offers her understanding of undeniable sadness. At the same time, she brings her heart and her listening skills to create a space of promise so that life can begin again - perhaps a different life, but a life filled with love and amazing possibilities.

Abbi loves to connect through authentic conversations that empower others to love and cherish who they are as individuals. Her greatest joy is watching others see and experience their inner light and shine it for themselves and the world.


What is my mission?

My mission is to support, empower and embrace all who experience grief. What is grief ? Grief is not only the loss of a loved one, it encompasses so much more: loss of time, loss of a stage in life, loss of a pet, loss of what may have been and can no longer be achieved in the way it was envisioned. Grief can also encompass loss of goals, loss of a home, loss of tangible items as well as loss of one's dreams. Loss is a never ending occurrence. What is gone is gone and what tomorrow brings is unknown. One's story can always be rewritten. As a grief coach, it is my greatest honor to support and walk alongside someone who wishes to recreate their life and acknowledge possibilities. Nothing in life is unattainable if there is love, support and the trust that you are not alone.

We live in a world that doesn't educate us how to acknowledge and process our losses. The world encourages us to "move on" and to get through and get over our sadness. Feelings of loss then become deeply rooted in our hearts which we carry around, often unrecognized. These losses do not define us, yet they become a part of who we are in the world. and once processed, lead us to live a deeper and more meaningful life.

Grief is as unique as we are as individuals and as distinctive as the relationships we build and share. It is something we all experience.

As we evolve, it is my honor to recognize and respect the emotions that coincide with loss. As a grief coach, I hold the space to allow the hearts of others the freedom, love and compassion everyone deserves as they experience the greatest emotional pain of all. It is not anything we can touch or wrap our heads around until it is personally experienced.  

It is a true honor to be a part of the exploration and life experience of another.

"Abbi is an incredible grief coach! I’ve never received coaching until now and I have been more than pleased with the whole experience. I am so grateful that I learned about this kind of help with working through and getting beyond losses both past and present. Abbi has a unique way of helping me challenge my thought processes and set goals for positive change in both my thinking and in developing healthy interpersonal communication skills. I am also using much more positive self-talk and am on my way to gaining a much better sense of self-worth. I highly recommend Abbi to anyone wishing to effect change in the way they think and live. Thank you, Abbi!"

– Amanda, client

"Coaching is an experience that was eye opening for me. The work helped me rebuild and find myself again. My coach Abbi made our sessions a positive and comfortable experience.  I have great respect for the methods and processes she uses in each session. Abbi is super supportive, understanding, honest and open. 5 star rating."

– Bill, client

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